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A Kickstarter project a friend of mine started! A few of us (including myself I mean) helped out on the art! Go Back it! Go go go!!


A Kickstarter project a friend of mine started! A few of us (including myself I mean) helped out on the art! Go Back it! Go go go!!



Hey everyone! I have a very talented group of colleagues who just launched their Kickstarter for their indie game JOTUN! Check it out and pledge if you wish!




And yet the guy in blue stripes is ready to fight with no fear in his eyes


"Conceal don’t feel"

I live for photos like these




friendly reminder that when the actor who played khal drogo met the actress who plays daenerys he shouted “WIFEY!” and tackled her

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1) I dislike being a sheep and this is most likely why I can’t be part of a social group. I can’t handle hive minds, especially when the queen lacks logic and everybody’s brainwashed.

2) At the same time, however, I love my friends. I would do anything to make my friends happy. I am very loyal!

3) I “suffer” from travel anxiety of sorts and have since I was a kid. I dislike being in a car for a long period of time and I worry about travel for days before an event. It’s getting a lot better now that I’m older but there are still moments where I freak out if we’re going to be in a car for longer than a half hour. However, if I drive, it’s not a problem and I think that’s because I’m in control. So, if an event is far, chances are I will go but I’ll freak out about how to get there for a few days.

4) I fucking love looking at girly shoes. I would never wear heels but holy shit they are pretty.

5) I have the ability to hallucinate in my sleep. It’s called hypnogogia and paired with sleep paralysis, can be frightening or really cool. This can happen to anyone but I think I’m more susceptible due to it running in my family or something. Basically, I can wake up and see my dreams. Equally, sleep paralysis is the opposite of sleep walking: your mind wakes up before your body does. FUN TIMES.

6) I’ve had a lot of people claim that I think too much about things, and I do. I think a lot about the actions of people since they are louder than words. I like to study how people regularly behave so I can judge how they behave with me. So yeah, if you start doing things to me that are negative and beyond your regular behavior, you probably are just being an asshole. Don’t convince me otherwise.

7) I got my first dan black belt in karate when I was 14 years old and started teaching classes a little bit earlier. I had to quit because of school but I recently took up hung-gar kung fu which is near my work. I love martial arts!

8) The word “poo” makes me laugh uncontrollably. The word “toy” makes me cringe.

9) I have a peglateral tooth that makes me look like I have fangs. I am also most likely a vampire.

10) My parents used to play videogames with me and when we’d play Mario Kart, Peach and Yoshi were essentially reserved. I still don’t pick them to this day.